29 April 2013

Forsaken I am, and I at the Last: a Friend from One of The Unknowns

A Call To The Bothered: Unlock Thy Grasp!  

"Now into safe keeping may the following ye accept...none but of your choosing, or none to take at all! 
Of this: Those who are Forsaken, give good listen! Of certain impending prying counsel, Do Not Abide!

"Of my intention, I cannot display that which you are presently expecting to claim, save only what dire speech imparts from this withering forked tongue. 
However unclear, I shout! As the flood rushes, so must the Vessel atop it, and so perilously forward each advances to Dooms set before them.

"You, of your onliest, All ways Oppose agitations of the Strange!
Nefarious Disrupters, as Naked appear to the straining eye, do closely watch, for furtively along on silent step they lurk.
May only Pestering Winds be thy Comrade, and as much The Wiser,
Beguile you they shall Never in all these coming days of multiplying defiance...
For a Gale of even the heaviest force bears no burdens of the wicked kinds!

"None but ye of Mortal Kind, solely Man doth possess the Lie.
The Lie is all you wish not keep, yet be all what Plagues your Deepest Hidden Deep.
Most enemies speak in lies; Alas the Lie it grows within your marrow and veins, an Adversary of thine own self you are, My My! That is a disease, I say, most unkind. Lo, Regression breaks, as you stand awaiting my concealed language, unsure as any would be of this quick and disconcerting calamity.
"So Into Ruin You have been sewn, stinking ligatures bind blood to bone;
Sacred your crux, doth it bear the stuff to break and shatter thy foremost trial, 
Obstinate as the darkened side of the mirror, Cousin to Failure, the One they call Doubt?
On your strength, but not alone, depends your Recompense; Will It, this Doubt, ever weigh heavy upon thee,
or should it dissolve into the Dark, its miserable, subtle sanctuary?
"All else surely will descend with you! So Swear Ye Dare Not to Waste away in Bitter Exile.
Doubt's advance shall not here quicken, for shield and crux are one and same,
Man's core it's Grit, it scorches hot and blue, yea the Blaze of Wrath rages deeper too as thine heart's blood speeds to thicken."

The Forsaken Man at once, as Heart and Mind begin to swell against one another, bellows wildly,

"Monster Of my Blood, Let it Be Seen Now That I have The Heart to Bestow upon you what you once hath Thrown Down upon my innocence!!!  Come Now, Be Ye Frightful of Thine attire of Human Flesh from the pits I have lived in Too Many nights, cold, Killing Putrid Infested Creatures to Survive, Abandoned to the Dogs to live as no Human should Live? While, You, in your bedchamber with woodburning stove and a Woman to keep you satisfied.

"It is I, The Forsaken One, Younger and More Full of Venom and Spite than any Man Ever to Be before! I will wait until You have gained the Courage to receive the Blow that will send You to a World of Nothingness, where the Ouroboros will have destroyed all except you, so When you finally fall to that Last Sorry Pile of the Universe that is waiting for you to Suffer Alongside, All there will be is You, Torn and Broken, Tears Streaming Down a Miserable Face, for No One. All is Lost!  Victory For The Forsaken!  All will be Forsaken as No One Man Deserves Free Choice. Man will have NOTHING!!!! 

"Weep, for you will be Alone, Forsaken, as I all my life before This Sweet Hour of Vengeance.  Forsaker!!! Lament For it is Soon Your End.  Come, Come, Feel the heat of my Brow from your place on your knees at my Feet!  Taste the Sour Sweat of Indifference that drips upon your Collapsing Shape. 

"Let there be no more of your Wicked Ways, For I Will Have Vengeance, and My Wrath shall be KNOWN.  You cannot outsmart me for I am gilded in ways unbeknownst to you.  For I, the Forsaken Man, have been Granted by the Winds of Wise, an Ouroboros of The One True Power, Creation's Destruction!  Beg for your release at my Feet and Forsake me No More, For I Turn the Tide of Cold Blood, and Now it is You Who Is Cut by the Blade of Misfortune to your Demise."

"Aaauurruuggghhhahauu! Show Yourself, I do not Doubt Myself, You are not afforded any Weapon except that of Innocence, as I once had, Before You Stripped Me of Life as It Was Before. May You Be Defeated In a Way You Would Hope Against." 

Bewildered, Lost, and Red with the Fiery Fever of Totality, The Forsaken Man Calls out to the elusive Ouroboros, 

"Witchery-donning Knight Absurd, fastly to The Unknowns, bound by ancient mysteries unique, unchallenged, unheard:
What say ye is thy Thick Intention, For Some odd Prize you've slipped to mention?
There goes no treasure toward ridding but One Man of his Demons,
As once they've withdrawn, the Man sheds a tear, for He knows such an enemy as the Cruel Monster Doubt retreats in Strategy, wily and guileful, an opponent Austere."

Guile and Wile, both habitual traits that Mortal Man doth easily carry! Now, Forsaken Mortal, I am present to oblige you with few words for contemplation, reflection...
To excite this Confrontation I hither spill rivers of wetness upon the battle plain from this fork-tongued mouth of Destruction.
As on an axis the spinning sphere was set in motion by its own maker, so must you follow as he, and doth Betray your Forsaker; 
Take into motion yourself as you were once put into motion, to be abandoned into a life of Struggle.

May We Meet the Terminal Truth, Rest ever hard by the cold shade of Denial.
From One of The Unknowns I travel, in and out from Space to Light,
And here I must halt! For The Forsaken's torture may grant my release,
And from One of The Unknowns I turn, as Ouroboros we make one with entirety, and as I must devour all, Your Adversary the Deceiver, all of the spinning sphere we reside upon, and as for you...You must sacrifice yourself knowing of your Vengeance as the reason for this Ultimate Sacrifice.  You are the Destructor of this Universe if you so choose. If you do not choose, I will make the final decision, for once I begin I cannot retreat from The End and The New Beginning. For those are propelled by forces unknown to me.  Let us die for nothing, and everything also. 

And Behold,The Forsaker, who cowered in the Darkness hitherto appears, only to be cut down almost effortlessly by his own blood by A Blade forged just for this purpose, exactly long enough ago to have been honed to the utmost unequalled fineness of edge on the blade. The Forsaken Man gave no free moment for his most hated target, as soon as his cloak appeared in the corner of The Forsaken's eye, the Blade already penetrated through the very center of the top of the skull, and his strength catapulted to such marvelous proportions, that the blade sliced all the way down, straight through the skull and the middle of the terrified wet face, down through the rib cage, slicing his manhood as the blade continued down.  The Forsaken, in his moment of triumph and ecstasy, began to channel all of the energy of the entire spinning sphere, from his skull through his hands, and down through the hilt of this Final Weapon, and he, in the remarkable displays of passion Any of All had Ever witnessed, reared back with the blade in both strong, Glowing hands, and as if everything that The Forsaken had ever experienced had disappeared in that End, his being went Berserk, chopping the bloody mess that was his Deceiver, into pieces so mangled and oddly shapen, Ouroboros even turned away in desperation, because the Pestering Winds of Devastation were so strong they would have taken out his eyes, and blown parts of The Forsaker into his orifices too soon.   As a steak knife would cut through a softened ripe pear, the blade ripped and sliced and snagged on the torn fleshy mound of what had been the reason for the Execution of What Had Been, to make room for What Would Be, if a future may exist at all...For none left were the least wise to the coming of the End.  And as soon as the cries no longer escaped The Forsaker's lips, the entirety of the spinning Spherical Primeval Skeleton and its accompanying Constitution was eaten in a furious implosion of Light and  Darkness, all swirling in from the contours of The Ouroboros' serpent corpus, as it dove in on itself, to devour all that ever was to be The Final Nothing, Before The New Nothing  The satisfaction of the Forsaken Man in the Insanity of his maniacal face being showered in the Sweetest Blood of Vengeance, was not seen by any thing, not even by The Ouroboros. And So, The Forsaken Man Was Swept away in the Terrible Delight that was his Final Stand against all that was natural in his sphere, for he was not the only Forsaken one, No there were many like him, who all were revered in those singular moments each one by one in a succession of hot white flashes of steaming ice shards sharp as the Blade of Reckoning, as the Mighty Serpent Obliterated All There Ever Was, and... Nothing.