07 December 2014

Humble Dumpster

Humble dumpster, remind me
of how shitty it used to be.
Lurkin' through the alley alone.

The white weeds tumble,
the grey bleeds sky.
I don't know why, I don't know.

Graves have shut eyes, and you too.
Violets red and roses blue,
They rarely hit my funny bone.

Road ends nowhere,
brown thrashers fly,
Chasing dead signs. Chasing dead.

17 November 2014


the mind is clouded and the grackle cries shrill,
ice ghosts skate the road beneath our metal and our fears;
when moonlight drops low to snuff our shadow,
may we bask in the dark of the unknown space we infest.

20 October 2014


Another light to burn the nerves that keep me from sight.
Another light to burn the nerves that drive this breath and bite.
The smoke, it sees too easy; Hell, we're friends on account I'm blind.
This file's pulled a quick one over my head, now it's grindin' my frown just the same,
As I ride on down the line.

The tracks don't play as smooth as they once did,
guess we've shared all this wear and tear.
They widen and curve with the tension of freight,
Persuaded by sorry repair.

Another light to burn and sway this wiling wild in me free.
Too many times a cayote's wandered the plains til at sea they came to be.
If it ain't rattler's who'll get him first then the lonesome will fill his boots.
The cayote's heart will soon forget, as his instinct turns 'im mean.

Get me down the line, I say, this wait ain't just spent time.
Time is a notion of order, confounded with the weather, the news, and the dime.
It's oftentimes peculiar, this, a riddle laid upon rhyme.
Reliance must be placed with allies to see it walk by and by.

Know this train here we ride, from the ticket to the tunnel, has got a name nobody ain't heard.
With Pleasure he drives every soul, cheat or lie, down to the tunnel at some far mountain's side.
By him we abide and slap on thicker hides as the mountain air creeps closer in;
For he doesn't deny his effect on our lives. Ain't one don't sting when it bites.

A wisdom rough weighs burden enough to earn itself due understanding,
And to the tunnel I ride with no doubt at my side, only one match in the book 'til,  empty.
Another light to burn the nerves of all you who once might have loved me;
And If'n you did I sure reckon you lived, with least happiness as well misery.

My Pleasure has but known a one single friend; An outcast of misunderstanding.
And as you're aware, later by compare, one friend holds the whip while the other's stand bare.
Do not shy from the friend less striking, but instead, garner heart-ward what this friend Pain may unleash.
If a fire's to burn deep inside, swallow tears and let flames die, til just ashes and smoke smolder twixt the charred pieces.

Pleasure travels steady, and paced quick as a hum'bird, unfettered ingress shall you ever impart him.
Yet in turn, what of his friend's approach, if not so contrary?
Never shall you wish to warrant the one, Pain, any but arduous ingress;
For into one's heart and mind he corrals nascent thoughts, intentions of pain they cannot yet foresee.

Reason begs of you, purge this Pain, but now, I plead, hear my refrain:
The grit to what your heart is stuck stands three times stronger than Pain moves tough.
Wallow not in reluctance, become a friend to Pain, it is not his intention to harm your entire claim,  but reversely to harden, to sharpen, and to tame that which hides in the depths far below your intellect, wit and brains.

These tracks we ride on, they stretch mighty long, and they pay no mind you, weak or strong.
Now as I have been witness by means of adventure, may this discourse impart some repose;
There are cattle to spear and sheep to shear, and steins of course, for drinking beer!
Mind of Pain and of Pleasure, never worry if you fall to slide.
Lastly, do not trust in the heat of the sun for daytime's remedy, for the mischievous serpent lies low,  and slyly, his bite'll sink deep and Hell's sting and its pains will scream to a different tune than of your own.

A favor, may I now ask of thee?
Tunnel, Next Stop; Sure it's gonnna be my last. I've smoked every rolled one, and so lit every match.
In this place ain't nothin quite as sterling in ways to pass the time, easy as rollin more tobaccy, and firin up another light.